Industrial Sicily





E---16-25 I-6-16
A-3-18 F-16-27 L-6-30
AA--2-15 G-3-5 M-9-15
C-16-35 H-6-7 O--1-15


Priolo Gargallo, Augusta and Melilli are three small towns north of Syracuse in Sicily, Italy.

Those places have the highest concentration of chemical plants in Europe, and high level of ground, air and water pollution.

As a result of this today a child has a 6% chance to being born with defects; that is 3,5 times more than the national average.

The rate of tumors in people living in the area is 291% higher than the national average.

The chemical plants are now slowly closing down living the region with a huge eco-disaster to deal with.

In May 2006 EniChem has been held responsible by Italian Court of Law and has so far compensated 23 parents whose children have been affected directly by the environmental pollution.