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The Buddhist philosophy of eternal life is not an expedient designed to persuade people to accept their mortality; it is a realistic and unfailing view of life established through myriad struggles against the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death. It teaches us to face up to the harsh realities of life with conviction and hope; it enjoins us to devote all our actions and our thoughts to the welfare of others, because Buddhism sees the universe as intrinsically compassionate. By cherishing this philosophy we can turn each difficulty into a source of power bringing joy to our lives. The trials we face become ingredients for the building of our characters. Hardship becomes the fertile soil in which tiny new shoots spring up and flourish. Each bead of sweat expended in the struggle for self-perfection and the betterment of our society becomes the seed of greater energy.

Kushinagar, where the Buddha reached the Parinirvana.